Thanks for making this blog, dude. I grew up hearing a bunch of songs on here but could never tell who sang what and what their names were. Made it a lot easier searching for those "lost" songs

I come back to this blog for people like you, my friend. šŸ‘


Rock Latino Giveaway 2

Here is how you win: You know the “Biggest Fans" in the Activity section? Well, be the "Biggest Fan" by the end of Monday, 15th of September (over the next 3 days) and I will message you offering you any Rock/Pop en EspaƱol iTunes album of your choice. Please "Like" or "Reblog" this post so that I know you’re participating. Good luck!

Para ganar: Saben del “Biggest Fans" en el area de Actividad en Tumblr? Si eres el "Biggest Fan" para el fin de Lunes, 15 de Septiembre (sobre 3 dias), le mandare un mensaje ofreciĆ©ndo cualquier album de iTunes Rock/Pop en EspaƱol. Favor de hacerle "Like" or "Reblog" a este post para que sepa que estĆ”n participando. Buena suerte!Ā 

Thank you for following!

Something interesting i learned from my dad. When he was younger in Mexico, he went to a party and the guys from fobia were there. They proceeded to call my dad names and my dad punched the drummer in the face! He said he had a great time. Haha

atta boy!